Tobias Nase

Specialization: Syria, US Foreign policy, Ukraine
Location: Germany
Activity: Writer, Journalist

Tobias Nase is a German-based political activist and analyst.

The focus of his political and journalistic work lies on anti-imperialism. He has been organizing political actions against NATO imperialism, the war against Libya and also NATO's proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine. His knowledge about these trouble spots and his activism make him an expert when it comes to analyzing conflicts.

For political coordination he travels a lot to various countries also examining the struggle of the local population against imperialism. This includes countries and regions like Donbass, Northern Ireland, Russia, Spain, Greece, Italy and others.

Formerly, he has been a designer who worked for years for one of Germany’s biggest newspapers. His current profession is a software engineer. He also uses this very diverse field of knowledge, when it comes to analyses, journalistic and political work.