Joaquin Flores

Specialization: International Relations, Sociology, Geostrategy
Location: USA
Activity: Political scientist, Writer, Union organaizser

Joaquin Flores is an experienced union organizer, educator, political agent and analyst of Geostrategy and international relations. He also has a strong background in grass-roots community; an effective communicator and a highly organized and a reliable organizer of work, projects, and people. He began his work as an advocate of worker's rights and social justice in the US early in life, where his passion for these issues led him to understand the role of solidarity, strategy, and organization in making a lasting impact on society. He was one of the organizers of the largest labor marches in history, taking place in Los Angeles on May 1st of 2006. Mr. Flores then studied International Relations, Sociology, and Geostrategy and Global Politics in the Social & Political sciences school at California State University, Los Angeles, obtaining a Baccalaureate degree in Political Science. He then went on to work as a Chief Negotiator, Business Agent and Strategist for SEIU, Local 99, a public sector trade union local in the US's fast growing International. During this time he developed critical skills based in hands on experience in educating union member leadership; he developed a syllabus and lesson plan and taught courses to union member leadership on worker's rights, campaign messaging and media communications, and organizing & strategic union building. He also worked on several political campaigns where he saw firsthand the disconnect between the needs of working families and the unfulfilled promises of elected leaders. Following the continuation of the US's wars after the election of President Obama, the failure of meaningful healthcare reform, and the continual erosion of civil rights and the encroaching police state, Mr. Flores became resolute in his belief that meaningful social change would not take place in the US without a major, strategically planned and internationally aided, organizing effort in the direction of a socio-political upheaval. Leaving the US permanently and re-establishing himself in Belgrade, Serbia, he joined the Serbian Radical Party and worked as both a campaign consultant and on the international campaign to release Dr. Seselj from The Hague. Out of this, and with key individuals in the areas of politics, Geostrategy, and ideology he established the Center for Syncretic Studies (CSS), an NGO based in Serbia. He saw that there is a generally positive role that the global desecularization process has had on anti-imperialist resistance movements world-wide. Flores sees this as part of an increasingly syncretic trend which will ultimately reconcile ostensible areas of conflict between various schools political and philosophic thought in a general push against the already waning US global hegemony. Out of this, he further developed his independent study in this arena and authored published literature on the subject of Color Revolutions, the geopolitics and Geostrategy of energy markets, the nature of 'new media' within the context of Fourth Generation Warfare and the simulacrum, as well as analyses of the political situations in Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, and the important role of Russia in building a multi-polar world.