GIA editor

Police surround British Airways plane after ‘bomb threat’ warning

Officials have deemed the threat "less than credible"
3 June 2016

The Independent reporting: A British Airways was forced to land at a New Jersey airport after the airport personnel received a bomb threat, police say. 

The plane, with 206 passengers and 13 crewmembers on board, managed to land at Newark International Airport en route from London at 1.00 pm local time, and is currently being searched by the airport police with bomb-sniffing dogs present on the scene. The search includes all carry-on luggage and checked bags are being re-screened to ensure the safety of the craft.

ABC's Dan Linden reports that officials have deemed the threat "less than credible". 

The plane is being held in a remote section of the airport and passengers will be cleared to go through Customs. 

By Stefan Paraber for GIA